Help Hidden Michigan Monsters Donate!

Help Hidden Michigan Monsters Donate!

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The Crew at Hidden Michigan Monsters is excited to announce its partnership with PATH (Passing Along The Heritage) and Wheelin Team 457!

Our crew at Hidden Michigan Monsters, PATH, and Wheelin Team 457 were formed by a group of individuals who have a passion for passing along the hunting and fishing heritage and mentoring disabled individuals helping them do what they love!
“The primary mission of The PATH Foundation (“PATH”) is to establish, create and/or steward opportunities for disadvantaged families and individuals, particularly the youth, with an emphasis on “outdoor heritage” and through such opportunities to encourage and develop the promotion, education and/or preservation of the same. PATH also strives to assist handicapped children and adults, as well as disabled military veterans, who would like to go hunting or fishing but do not have the required equipment or access to the outdoors. The organization accomplishes this goal by providing free fishing and hunting opportunities to disadvantaged families and individuals in addition to other charitable activities that will promote, educate and/or preserve the outdoor heritage.” - PATH
PATH has been able to provide services by partnering with many fine organizations including us at Hidden Michigan Monsters! The Hidden Michigan Monsters crew is striving to do everything we can to help their mission! We want everyone that has the desire to hunt and fish, be given the opportunity to do so!
Wheelin Team 457
Wheelin' Team 457 Helps those with mobility issues and disabilities regain their independence by being able to enjoy activities they love! 

They provide the physically challenged with indoor and outdoor sports and recreation. They educate and guide the community, state, and nation; striving to touch the world!

Their name "Wheelin'" means the wheelchairs are moving because it's better than sitting around doing nothing! Their goal is to get those chairs moving! They do this by their many adaptive and advanced technologies to do so, making participation a reality! From electric wheelchairs to advanced shooting products! Wheelin' Team 457 provides not only competition at wheelchair sporting events but provides local seasonal hunting and fishing events! They are truly inspiring! 


We donate a portion of our proceeds to Support Both PATH and Wheelin' Team 457 to Help Make a Difference!
Hidden Michigan Monsters is Why We Do It!
We’ve scouted, searched, and found these fellow Hidden Monster Hunters and Anglers from PATH and Wheelin' Team 457; and want to share their amazing missions with you!
Down to our core, we know how amazing the Hunting and Fishing Memories can be. We want everyone to share their great Memories and are hoping you'll help the Hidden Michigan Monsters Team, PATH, and Wheelin' Team 457; encourage and give opportunities to New Hunters and Anglers for many years to come!
Please help us support The PATH Foundation (“PATH”), Wheelin Team 457, and all the individuals that benefit from the many hunting and fishing opportunities provided!
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