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Our Story...

Hidden Michigan Monsters is Why We Do It!

Hidden in the wild are some of the greatest creatures NOT seen by man! Our journey to find the world's gnarliest of HIDDEN MONSTERS is why we have created the Brand Hidden Michigan Monsters!

Our Team is made up of small-town bow-hunters, huntresses, anglers, and lady anglers that Strive to Make a Difference Daily! The Hidden Michigan Monsters Community is made of hunters and anglers making differences every day, doing what they love! Supporting Hidden Michigan Monsters; Sporting Our Gear and Apparel does just that! Every store purchase at Hidden Michigan Monsters donates to our partnered non-profit organizations that help disadvantaged individuals do what we all love!

Down to our core, we know how amazing the Hunting and Fishing Memories can be. We want everyone to share their great Memories and are hoping you'll help the Hidden Michigan Monsters Team encourage New Hunters and Anglers for many years to come!

We also encourage craftsman, their unique work, and other small businesses! We’ve helped promote and sell several other craftsmens work and businesses across the United States; like EJ Jigs, Joe Buck Creations, Rocky Mountain Patina, Hyde's Leather Works and others. From product listings to website design!

Are you a Hidden Michigan Monster!? ~ Lets see what we can do... 


“Deer Hunting has always been a passion of mine since I was a young boy hunting with my father and grandfather. The thrill, adrenaline rush, and emotions of hunting surpass any sport or hobby anyone can compare it to. The secret to finding Hidden Michigan Monsters is to be Resilient and Hunt Hard!

I always felt like an outsider for going to a school with friends who didn’t “live in the country” but they always thought it was cool that I was a hunter... Not only was hunting the cool thing for me to do but was passed on as a family heritage and passed time by my grandfathers, father, and uncles. Hunting became a style… a lifestyle.

Hunting was and is an experience I’ve always wanted to involve others in…

The inspiration for the brand Hidden Michigan Monsters came from countless hours of backyard managing and hunting small private lands of family and friends not two hours outside of Detroit, Michigan. It wasn’t until 2018, Thanksgiving morning the largest Monster of a whitetail I’d ever seen gave me the most unforgettable moment and opportunity to live out my childhood dream! A dream I want you to experience…

I had always seen Hidden Michigan Monsters on my trail cameras but never had the chance to see one in person; until that moment. The Hidden Michigan Monsters are out there and we’ve been on a Mission To Prove It since November of 2019.” - Founder, Blake Knaffla

HiddenMiMonsters Founder Blake Knaffla
Hidden Michigan Monsters Founder; Blake Knaffla
"Not only is bowhunting fun and a real challenge, but it's good for you. The exercise in the fresh air, the chance to get away from everyday pressures and problems, a return to the basic relationships between man and his environment.”
"Nothing clears a troubled mind better than shooting a bow.”
-- Fred Bear
We're always looking for passionate men and women who love being outdoors making memories; and who are always on the quest to find the world's gnarliest HIDDEN MONSTERS! ...If you're as passionate about finding Hidden Monsters as we are; and would like to know more about becoming a Pro Staff Member, contact us here! 
Help gear up our crew, friends at PATH, and Wheelin’ Team 457;  Donate to Hidden Michigan Monsters Today! We appreciate and love everyones support!  

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