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Share your HiddenMiMonsters Memories with Us!

Our goal is to create a community of avid Hunters, Fishers, Mountaineers, Outdoors men and women; who share the same love for the Outdoors as we do!
We want to do this by sharing our communities favorite first hunting and fishing stories, our worst hunting and fishing close calls, the biggest fish or buck you got, everything in between, and most importantly the stories that involved our New Hunters out there!!! 
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  • I’m Jessica, and my love of hunting runs deep. I started hunting at the age of 23 on my parent’s property. I didn’t get real serious about hunting until after meeting Blake. Growing up I watched my brother and Uncle’s go hunting on opening day while I always stayed inside making chili with my mom waiting for them to come in for lunch and hear about all the things they had seen. All the while wishing I was able to be out there too.
    Fast forward to today and the hard work and determination I have put in to hunting instead of staying inside has paid off being able to harvest two bucks. My first buck, a 7 point, was a memory I’ll never forget. 2017 opening weekend Blake and I were sitting in the tent and all of a sudden Blake was excited and I didn’t know why. It wasn’t until I moved over was I able to see my buck chasing after a few doe. I got ready and was sighted in but I didn’t have the opportunity for a clean shot. Blake was behind me waiting for me to pull the trigger thinking I was chickening out because I was taking too long. The moment he unplugged his ears and moved over is when I was able to get the perfect double lung shot dropping him immediately. I have to admit, I closed my eyes once the trigger was pulled not knowing how I had done, but since Blake was jumping up and down and just as excited as I was I knew I did good. The rush of adrenaline I felt from the moment I seen the buck until the time I was able to go up to him and see him up close was unbelievable. It didn’t matter how cold I was feeling before or how tired I was getting from seeing nothing but birds and squirrels all day because the feeling you get once you see your buck is all worth it.
    Hunting alone is a rush of adrenaline of its own which I was able to experience this year. I had seen nothing all day long except squirrels and birds. Dusk was starting to roll in and I looked up and seen the 8 point I had seen all season but never gave me the opportunity to take a clean shot. I got myself ready and I could feel my heart beating inside my chest harder than I had ever felt. I got him on my scope but still wasn’t able to get a clean shot. I grunted and I swear what seemed like five minutes was just a staring contest. He continued to move and I put my scope on the only open spot I knew I would have for him and he did exactly what I hoped he would. I pulled the trigger and then seconds later I heard a crash. There is no better feeling in the world than finding your buck within feet from where you shot with a clean shot.
    Hard work and determination is what has given me the knowledge and success that I have today. From getting advice from my uncles who have been hunting for decades; and my brother and Blake for having the patience to teach me the techniques and skills I have used to be able to harvest two amazing bucks. Countless years I had seen my brother get bucks and now it’s my turn.

    Jessica F.
  • One of my favorite hunting memories was when I was 12 years old. My grandfather and I were hunting together October 1st morning. (Due to age restrictions at the time). I had been hunting with my dad and grandpa since I was 5 or 6 and the day finally came for me to be able to hunt on my own! That morning the most gorgeous 8 pt we’ve seen came in to a few of my grunts, and I had done everything in my power, using all my might, to pull back my bow (that was light in practice) haha. After the shot I was beyond excited, I remember it like it was yesterday morning!
    That feeling of angst, pressure, nervousness, adrenaline, excitement, and then finally the relief of accomplishing something you’ve waited so long for or worked so hard for; that is the reason I still to this day love hunting, and love the outdoors. After everything I’ve experienced hunting or fishing; through the hard memories and close misses, to the amazing glory of accomplishing something I’m so passionate about is why I want to help others get outside and learn more about hunting!!!

    Blake Knaffla

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