Rocky Mountain Patina – Hidden Michigan Monsters

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Rocky Mountain Patina

Rocky Mountain Patina is owned and operated all the way from Morrison, Colorado! Makers of hand crafted Steel Decor. Custom steel decor and wall art from custom heated patina. Patina is a layer or type of finish applied to metal;  copper sulfate crystals are used and heated just right for each piece to have its own unique coloring.  

Each piece is carefully powder coated and has its own
Rocky Mountain Patina twist! 

Rocky Mountain Patina  Rocky Mountain Patina

(Rocky Mountain Patina's recent works)

Makenna, the founder of Rocky Mountain Patina, grew up being in the outdoors and now spends her spare time hunting, fishing, and exploring the Colorado mountains. These are a few of her passions and she has always been inspired to create something to show her love for them. 

 Rocky Mountain Patina Founder Makenna Schley 

"Running a powder coating shop helped me achieve this dream of mine; by being able to play in the shop and incorporate some techniques to ensure longevity and durability of my designs!"... 

 Rocky Mountain Patina Founder Makenna Schley  Rocky Mountain Patina Founder Makenna Schley Rocky Mountain Patina Founder Makenna Schley 

"I had some sample pieces cut out and started experimenting with different patina finishes until I found a very unique look! I hope you guys enjoy them; there will be many more to come!" - Makenna, Founder of Rocky Mountain Patina 

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